Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, Skansi Offshore: When it comes to media and marketing communications, it’s always a question of priorities and allocation of resources. We participate regularly in the Faroe Business Report because this is a magazine that captures the interest of readers who are relevant to our business. It’s a first-class publication, both in terms of finish and actual content, in line with our core values and supportive of our brand. The Report maintains a high standard of quality and it’s always a pleasure to give it to foreign business contacts, whether in print or digital format. We recommend it inasmuch as it presents the Faroese business community under a unified umbrella and signifies quality while generating brand value.

Eli Lassen, Atlantic Supply Base (ASB): We regularly buy a sponsored feature in the Faroe Business Report because it’s a magazine that is respectable, presentable and highly visible. People often refer to it and tell me they have read it. The publication has an appealing design and contains a range of topics. For example, you can read about the oil and gas industry, the pelagic fishing industry and more. The businesses represented are there mostly because they want to promote themselves internationally and to anyone who may need this, I certainly recommend it. Put simply, this is a paper that makes sense.

Karl-Erik Reynheim, Faroe Agency: One of the reasons why we maintain a spot in the Faroe Business Report is that the content of the magazine matches its title. The Report is highly presentable and read in many quarters and the number of companies that participate in it is fairly high. It offers a good representation of the Faroese business scene and that is one of the reasons why people are eager to read it. I would say it makes for an excellent presentation and works very well as a handout to give foreign business contacts. The content is clear, concise and timely, and it’s well illustrated, which adds an important visual dimension. It offers an idea of what the Faroe Islands is all about, so it’s certainly a product that I recommend.

Bogi Nón, Vónin: The fact that the Faroe Business Report has always been professionally made and is of such high quality has made it an easy decision for us to participate in every issue published to date. It’s a solid piece of work with well-written articles and great pictures, and it’s being widely read. This is a valued handout for many occasions and a top-notch product that enables us to give people a comprehensive yet easily digested presentation of Faroe Islands industry and trade. There is good PR to gain from participating in the Report, both at home and abroad—you get a fine looking presentation and a compelling story to use in your marketing communications. We offer copies to visitors during trade shows and on similar occasions, and we’ve also posted links to it on our corporate website. I have only positive things to say about the Report and would wholeheartedly recommend it for others to use.