Vónin Expands Further in Fishing Gear, Fish Farming Systems

Vónin's headquarters, Fuglafjørður (Bui Tyril).

With a steady pace of product development in trawl nets and trawl doors, gear maker Vónin is likewise expanding its already sizeable footprint in aquaculture equipment, reportedly with a new unit to be opened in Scotland.

While we weren’t able to have the Scotland story confirmed as of this writing, we’ve received information earlier from a Vónin employee that sales of aquaculture equipment has been growing rapidly there in the last couple of years or so. 

Among recently developed pieces of fishing gear that is being well received among skippers is the Twister, a new generation of trawl doors.

“In engineering the new Twister pelagic doors, Vónin started from the same principles known from the highly successful Tornado design, and have in addition to that incorporated shutters that allow the lift force from the flow to be altered on the lower and upper part of the trawl door,” we’re told. “The new Twisters have already proven that they surpass previous designs in terms of spreading force, and are prepared for an active control system that will make these the first-ever smart doors.

Capto, another innovation from Vónin, first introduced back in 2013, has set a new industry standard for pelagic trawls, marketing manager Bogi Nón noted. “Today all our clients prefer to get the fore nets in their pelagic trawls built with Capto. It’s a high quality piece of netting, very strong and robust with great abrasion properties and good stiffness. Also it’s wear resistant so reduces maintenance, plus fast to shoot and haul, easy to tow, easy to handle on deck. It’s been a great success for obvious reasons.”

Last year Vónin acquired Danish engineering and design company Volu Ventis, a firm with a long background in the energy and green tech sectors, specializing in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Volu Ventis is being fully integrated into Vónin’s research and development structure, according to Vónin CEO Hjalmar Petersen. “We have been working with Volu Ventis for some years and we have an excellent working relationship,” he stated. 

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