Varðin Pelagic Processing Plant Plans Major Expansion at Tvøroyri

Aerial view of the Varðin Pelagic processing plant at Tvøroyri. Image credits: Varðin.

Faroese fishing major Varðin’s pelagic processing facility at Tvøroyri, known as Varðin Pelagic, is set for a major expansion in the near future, according to news reports. The high-tech processing plant at Tvøroyri on the island Suðuroy opened for business in 2012 and is now planning to expand into protein production with a plant for fish meal and marine oil as well as a factory to produce surimi mass out of primarily blue whiting.

According to a statement by the company, its aim is to process as much as possible of the landings it receives of herring, mackerel, capelin and especially blue whiting, so that instead of part of the raw material the factory receives being shipped elsewhere for protein and fish oil production, the entire process can take place on one location.

Blue whiting in particular is a species used almost entirely for production of meal and oil, and a new processing plant at Tvøroyri can provide an opportunity to make better use of catch landings by Varðin’s own fleet of fishing vessels, while at the same time boosting employment in the region.

The company has for years explored the options for producing surimi mass from blue whiting.

According to news media, Varðin Pelagic has placed an application for permission from the Municipal Council of Tvøroyri to build a new fishmeal and fish oil production plant alongside a facility for producing surimi mass.