Underwater Lighting Becomes an International Hit for JT Electric as It Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Fish farm at Velbastaður on the west coast of Streymoy (Ólavur Frederiksen — FaroePhoto.com).

Celebrating the 50-year anniversary of its founding these days, Fuglafjørður-based electrical engineering firm JT Electric is experiencing rapid international growth.

Over the last four years, the company has seen its sales multiply in key export markets and branches established abroad, most notably in Scotland, where the company acquired Sterner Aquatech, of Inverness, about two years ago. 

A subsidiary was likewise established in Poland as well as a sales office in Denmark, according to CEO Suni Justinussen.

One main focus of the business has been, and remains, the aquaculture industry, whose demand for underwater electrical applications has been rising in recent years. On the back of that demand, JT Electric has developed several of its own products and services, including a standard solution for underwater lighting that is being used in the aquaculture business around the world.

“Demand for our products such as OceanLight has by far exceeded our expectations,” Mr. Justinussen noted.

“The OceanLight has become such a success likely in part because of its ability to withstand very harsh weather conditions, and because of the fact that it requires only little maintenance.”

“Under normal circumstances, the fish reaches maturation during early autumn,” we’re told. “The early development causes the fish to lose their value, and the mortality rates begin to rise. The purpose of our OceanLight is to control the fishes’ perception of the seasons, thereby postponing maturation, enhancing growth, and reducing mortality. The lights enable the fish farmer to keep the fish in the cage for an extra farming season before slaughter, without risking the fish losing its value or expiring due to the danger of the premature ageing process.”

On November 24th, JT Electric’s head office at Kambsdalur near Fuglafjørður will be hosting an open house event to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the company’s founding by Jóhannes Thomsen back in 1972.