The Emerald Arrives: Havborg’s New Magnificent Trawler—video



Fishing company Havborg’s magnificent new factory trawler Emerald arrived in her home port of Tórshavn on July 13th, greeted by a sizeable group of people gathered at the East Harbour to welcome the latest addition the Faroe Islands’ fleet of commercial fishing vessels.

Built in Turkey, the versatile trawler is equipped with processing plants for both shrimp and groundfish as well as fishmeal and fish oil. Part of a new generation of freezer trawlers for the Faroese, the Emerald is a top-notch fishing vessel in every respect with all the latest in technology, hardly matched by any of its kind.

“We set out to build a shrimper and then installed a cod filleting line as well and then by the way also a fishmeal plant,” said Havborg CEO Kaj Johannessen. “Because you need options, as fishing is a very unpredictable business rife with uncertainties.”

The Emerald joins the 30-year old factory trawler Enniberg in the fishing enterprise founded and owned by famous former skipper Mortan Johannessen, Kaj Johannessen’s father.

Designed to work in distant waters such as the Barents Sea, the 87.50 meter long Emerald with a 18m beam is currently the largest fishing vessel of the Faroes. On shrimp there will be a crew of 20 whereas on cod the crew will be 34-strong, we’re told. The Emerald has accommodation on board for up to 40 crew members.

Designed for triple-rig trawling, the trawler has the option of upgrading to quad-rigging.

The Emerald has a 2,250 cubic meter fishroom and a hold capacity of 1,000 tonnes of frozen production.