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/Seafood, Fisheries, Aquaculture

Faroe-Turkey Free Trade Agreement to Enter into Force on 1 October

A Free Trade Agreement between the Faroe Islands and Turkey will now be implemented, according to the Government of the Faroe Islands, following the ratification of the agreement by the parliaments of both countries. [Bui Tyril] […]

The Andrias Reinert Aids Aquaculture Industry in Fight Against Sea Lice

Marine field research including sampling work related to combating parasitic sea lice has received a boost at the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes after its research vessel was replaced.  [Bui Tyril] Research vessel Andrias Reinert. […]

Iceland’s Hoffell Fitted with Tornado Trawl Doors

The Icelandic trawler Hoffell SU80 has started using Tornado trawl doors produced by fishing gear manufacturer Vónin — and the feedback received from the trawler after having used the doors since July 2017 amounts to a resounding endorsement, according to Vónin. [Bui Tyril] Launching of Tornado pelagic trawl doors. Click on image to watch [...]

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