The Andrias Reinert Aids Aquaculture Industry in Fight Against Sea Lice

Research vessel Andrias Reinert.

Marine field research including sampling work related to combating parasitic sea lice has received a boost at the Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes after its research vessel was replaced. 

[Bui Tyril]
Research vessel Andrias Reinert.
Research vessel Andrias Reinert.

According to Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes staff researcher Øystein Patursson, the recent purchase of research vessel ‘Andrias Reinert’ has markedly improved working conditions in connection with sea lice sampling, hydrographic surveys, and ocean current measurement.

Providing more working space while also offering more stability at sea, the ‘Andrias Reinert’ — a refitted fishing vessel named after Andrias Reinert, a well-known pioneer of Faroese aquaculture — is considerably larger than the previous research vessel used by the Aquaculture Research Station, Mr. Patursson noted.

“In fact we are performing much of the same tasks on board the ‘Andrias Reinert’ as we did on the previous vessel,” he said. “The primary advantage with this larger vessel is its stability which allows us to work at sea without being too dependent on weather conditions. It makes it easier to get around to access more locations, thereby more fully enabling our work.”