Iceland’s Hoffell Fitted with Tornado Trawl Doors

Launching a set of Tornado pelagic trawl doors.
Launching a set of Tornado pelagic trawl doors.

The Icelandic trawler Hoffell SU80 has started using Tornado trawl doors produced by fishing gear manufacturer Vónin — and the feedback received from the trawler after having used the doors since July 2017 amounts to a resounding endorsement, according to Vónin.

[Bui Tyril]
Launching of Tornado pelagic trawl doors
Launching of Tornado pelagic trawl doors. Click on image to watch video…

“As the Tornado name indicates these trawl doors are very powerful, making Hoffell able to go 2,8 square meters down in size,” skipper Bergur Einarsson said according to Vónin. “They were still getting plenty of spreading power with the Tornado compared to their previous doors which measured 13,8 sq.m.”

The 11 sq.m Tornados are rigged in mid-setting both on front and back side. The Hoffell is using a Vónin Pelagic 2016 m Capto trawl for blue whiting.

Asked if there was anything with the Tornado doors that he was not pleased with, Bergur simply stated “No”.
Vónin’s Bogi Nón remarked: “As seen in this video recorded by Hoffell crew member Birgir Runar Saemundsson, the Tornado doors are astonishingly easy to shoot and start spreading as soon has they hit the water. With the relatively high angle of attack, the doors are also hoisted very smoothly onto the gallows when hauling the gear.”