Fuglafjørður Receives 75,000 Tonnes of Fresh Catch in ‘Historic and Record-breaking’ Month

Fuglafjørður’s main harbor viewed from across the bay (file photo). Image credits: Bui Tyril.

The first month of 2023 turned out the busiest ever for the Port of Fuglafjørður, according to figures reported by a former Mayor of Fuglafjørður, who noted in a public statement that 60,000 tonnes of primarily blue whiting had been landed to fish meal, marine oil and feed factory Havsbrún while the Pelagos freezing plant had taken in 15,000 tonnes of mackerel and capelin.

The neighboring Bergfrost cold store was obviously busy as well storing thousands of tonnes of freshly frozen fish, and so were other businesses in the neighborhood.

“Even if it’s high winter and we people on shore think the weather is rough and windy, well, our fishermen arrive from sea with their heavily loaded vessels heading in to Fuglafjørður one by one,” said Sigurð S. Simonsen, former Mayor of Fuglafjørður. “They carry valuable catch to the benefit of our country and people. Havsbrún have received 60,000 tonnes; Pelagos have received 15,000 tonnes; fresh catch in total received in January 75,000 tonnes.”

“Receiving 75,000 tonnes of fresh catch in a single month is doubtlessly historic and record-breaking [for a port] in the Faroe Islands,” Mr. Simonsen added.