Thor Purchases Support Vessel to Serve Offshore Wind

Vos Shine berthed at Rous Head Harbour, Port of Fremantle, Australia. Image credits: Bahnfrend.

Entering Japan’s renewable energy sector, one of Faroese company Thor’s subsidiaries, Thor Wind, has acquired the Vos Shine, a support vessel the company had bareboat-chartered from Vroon Offshore Services of the Netherlands.

According to Thor, the newly acquired vessel is expected to re-enter operations in Japan in about two weeks.

“Thor is taking this step as part of the Japanese government initiatives to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sector by 2050,” Thor CEO Hans Andrias Kelduberg said.

He added that tasks for the Vos Shine include to take core samples of the ocean floor in preparation for the construction of offshore wind power facilities.

Thor Wind has equipped the vessel with a drilling rig and other equipment for the task, he said.

60 meters long with a beam of 15m, the 1794-gross tonne Vos Shine has a crew of about 34 including officers. The is currently docked at a shipyard in South Korea for its 10-year classing; renaming is to take place as well during the occasion.

“We’re excited about this venture and see many opportunities in offshore wind,” Mr. Kelduberg said. “We had chartered the vessel as a test case to see if this could be a project we could get up and running and after a year or so we decided it looks viable so we decided to go ahead with the purchase of Vos Shine.”

The vessel has been registered in the FAS, the Faroese International Ship Register, with home port in Hósvík.