One-fifth to One-fourth of East Harbour Land Reclamation Completed

Rendition of the completed East Harbour compared with current form as of early 2017.

According to JKP’s Eyðfinn Lenvig, who oversees the construction project, which began in earnest in April, some 700,000 cubic meters of rock to date have been dumped into the sea as part of the reclamation process, about 22.5 percent of an estimate total of 3.117 million m3.

“The bulk vessel ‘Ragnhild’ is being fitted with a new main engine and will resume normal operations within the next few days,” Mr. Lenvig said.

Scheduled for completion by 30 November 2019, the Port of Tórshavn’s development project to extend the East Harbour will see 95,000 square meters added to an existing 45,000 m2 of docking and storage space.