Faroe Express: Faster Than Ever

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Faroe Express offers an array of domestic and international transport and logistics services including courier, airfreight, warehousing, door-to-door services and more—such as container shipping by sea.

[Bui Tyril & Edmund Jacobsen]

Airfreight forwarding and courier service Faroe Express is literally running to further fortify its position in the Faroe Islands. As a business division of Faroe Ship, Faroe Express has successfully developed services tailored for clients in need of safe and speedy freight services and solutions to and from the Faroe Islands, domestic as well as international forwarding.

“We identified a growing demand for tailored solutions and door-to-door services,” said Faroe Express managing director Jannis Moraitis. “The response to our offerings has been quite remarkable and we’re looking to expand our business.”

As a vibrant economy whose total population amounts to a mere 50,000 people, the Faroe Islands ships as much as between 500,000 and 700,000 tonnes of seafood to overseas markets every year. All of this translates into a wide variety of derived business activities, generating high demand for a number of services, not least in transport and logistics.

Faroe Express was formed about two decades ago, focusing on the areas of ocean freight, airfreight, import and export, and domestic transport services including bonded warehousing.

According to Mr. Moraitis, there is also an increasing demand for international forwarding services, and the business strategy has recently been broadened from its earlier emphasis on courier services.

“We like to present ourselves as a comprehensive transportation company offering all services related to import and export to and from the Faroe Islands, and a full range of transit services around the world,” he said.

“As a part of the Eimskip Group, we are affiliated with major transport companies around the world, utilizing the broad service networks and production systems of our partners. The Faroe Islands, like any other country, needs reliable and timely shipping services. The needs however differ rather much and some clients require services that go beyond what most importers and exporters require. We work very closely with our clients and partners to ensure the best quality service. We also have extensive experience in cargo that requires special attention and oversized cargo.”

To drive that point home, Faroe Express, for a second consecutive year, is holding a spectacular relay race in August this year (2018) in the area around its premises at Tórshavn’s East Harbour.

“The relay race last year was the first one and it was hugely popular,” Mr. Moraitis said. “We expect a good outcome again this time around. The whole idea of relay racing matches our new brand and it illustrates the principle of offering a great service throughout the various links of the entire transport chain. This is good way of reminding people that we’re here, and this event is something that Faroe Express is involved with for everyone to enjoy.”


Offering all relevant services associated with freight and door-to-door services includes a serious commitment to customs and paperwork on behalf of clients.

“Besides organizing transport and shipment and added services, by default we also handle the whole range of customs and documentation issues,” Mr. Moraitis said. “Our bonded area warehouse is exactly for the purpose of making the entire process from shipment through customs and delivery as seamless as possible for our clients.”

Faroe Express has its own fleet of vans and access to the Faroe Islands’ largest fleet of trucks as well as the country’s largest warehouse. Customers are offered a high degree of flexibility with options that include prompt or delayed customs clearance and individually adjusted delivery.

“An added benefit for many customers is that they can free up liquidity, time and space by using our warehousing service, and many retailers, for example, opt for this. As well as handling all paperwork and customs, we can also take care of distribution to end customers who have the option of either having us delivering the shipped items to their door or to pick up them up themselves at the warehouse.”

Mr. Moraitis further noted that being part of the Eimskip Group has strengthened Faroe Express’ appeal to its customer base—that the company has access to offices in more than 20 countries and is furthermore part of a network that reaches every corner of the globe.

“Our transport and logistics infrastructure connects the Faroe Islands directly to Scandinavia, Northern Europe and North America and indirectly to the rest of the entire world,” he added.

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