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Varðin Pelagic Processing Plant Plans Major Expansion at Tvøroyri

Faroese fishing major Varðin's pelagic processing facility at Tvøroyri, known as Varðin Pelagic, is set for a major expansion in the near future, according...

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pp 76-77

Up & Coming Port of Call Boosts Capacity

Click here to view PDF... The Port of Tvøroyri is ready for the next level, offering its services as a growing container port backed...
Reuniting Vessel Owners pp 32-33

Reuniting Vessel Owners


Pages 72-73

KSS Yard: the Right People for the Job

With a new slipway completed and a new workshop hall underway, Klaksvík’s repair yard KSS delivers more and more electrical powered winches—considering the use...
Capital of Rapid Progress pp 18-19

Capital of Rapid Progress

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Long Wait for the Big One pp 72-73

Long Wait for the Big One

Valuable information for later use, if not commercial discoveries, are expected to result from this summer’s exploration activities offshore the Faroes, which kick into...
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Tapas the Faroese Way

Tórshavn finally got its very own tapas restaurant — Katrina Christiansen, a unique blend of Faroese cuisine in the popular Spanish style and a...
Pages 74-75

Tvøroyri: Rising From the Ashes

From disaster to renewed optimism, the Port of Tvøroyri is back on track after a year in the dark, again expecting economic growth—with a...
pp 26-27

Enabling Modern Genomics in Healthcare

Click here to view PDF... Visualizing ‘a new health paradigm for personalized health’ through full genome sequencing, the Faroese healthcare system could become a...

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Welcome to the 2017 Edition

Here we are again, at last—welcome to the 2017 edition, the 12th volume of the Faroe Business Report. This report has been underway for...
Tvøroyri’s Pelagic Booster pp 60-61

Tvøroyri’s Pelagic Booster

Click here to view PDF... The Port of Tvøroyri is experiencing rapid growth after the new Varðin Pelagic fish factory opened for business...
pp 80-81

Upping Cold Storage Capacity

Click here to view PDF... With the Faroe Islands strategically located to provide services for international vessels — and the country’s total cold storage...
Higher Waves, Stronger Currents No Upset for Faroese Fish Farmers pp 44-45

Higher Waves, Stronger Currents No Upset for Faroese Fish Farmers

Click here to view PDF... Battered by extreme weather and sea conditions in a natural environment far more hostile than most other places—Faroese fish...
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Port of Tórshavn Kicks Off Major Extension

Facing rapidly increasing container traffic, the Port of Tórshavn launches a large-scale development project to extend the East Harbour — adding 95,000 square meters...


‘Beats Any Urban Hotel’ pp 22-23

‘Beats Any Urban Hotel’

Click here to view PDF... Mild winters and improved air travel connections make the Faroe Islands a year-round destination, as the country makes headlines...