Top Int’l Construction Video Channel Features Faroe Tunnels


B1M, a leading international video channel focusing on construction, has released a 30-minute documentary to highlight the road infrastructure of the Faroe Islands, in particular the two latest undersea tunnels, the Eysturoy Tunnel (Eysturoyartunnilin) and the Sandoy Tunnel (Sandoyartunnilin).

Narrated and hosted by B1M founder Fred Mills, the documentary ‘This is The World’s Most Remote Infrastructure Project’ provides an inside view of what Mr. Mills calls “one of the longest undersea tunnels in the world” to “find something that doesn’t exist anywhere else—an entire roundabout sat beneath an ocean.”

“Incredibly, it’s just one part of a huge new tunnel network across a tiny island nation many won’t have even heard of,” we’re told.

Referring to the remoteness or “isolation” of the island nation in the Northeast Atlantic and its tiny population of less than 55,000, the video points out that the Faroes “has just completed a series of projects that much larger countries could only dream of.”

“So, how has this remote set of islands managed to pull off a task that would be extremely difficult—or next to impossible—in most other places? And why? What are its secrets, and perhaps most importantly, how has this changed the lives of the people here?”

The film takes the viewer on a trip across the islands and follows Teitur Samuelsen, CEO of Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar, the government-controlled owner-operator of the Eysturoy Tunnel and the Sandoy Tunnel, down to the deep under one of the tunnels to take a look at a water drainage system installed there.

“How does a place like this sustain itself?” Mr. Mills continues, adding, “the same thing they’ve been doing here for centuries—fishing. The industry represents a staggering 90 percent of total exports, and delivers 20 pc. of its GDP. Now, the Faroe Islands is looking to diversify, using its other prize asset—that incredible scenery—to attract more overseas tourists and famous YouTubers.”

“At the same time,” he further points out, “it wants to make this a better—and less isolated—place to live for as many people as possible by fixing a common problem that far-flung locations like this often run into: the lack of large-scale infrastructure. That’s always made getting about pretty challenging and incredibly weather dependent.”

Even as Mr. Samuelsen offers details on the construction and financing of the undersea tunnels, we’re likewise presented with, for instance, Sandoy residents who, from their point of view, explain the significance of a fixed link to the mainland as provided by the Sandoy Tunnel.

Boasting over 24 million monthly viewers, the B1M channel seeks to “inspire a better industry by sharing knowledge and expertise with a mass audience” and to “attract the best talent by showing construction at its best to millions.”