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//Archive 2017

MEST: Ready for More International Customers

Following successful deliveries of catamaran workboats and more equipment to aquaculture majors in the Faroe Islands, MEST Shipyard considers a wider international context—while a covered dry dock promises to boost repairs and maintenance. [Edmund Jacobsen & Bui Tyril] […]

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FAS Registry Adds Online Services to Boost Appeal

With new digital services introduced to improve handling of data and increase ease of use for clients, FAS — the Faroe Islands International Ship Register — continues to build its position as a reputable, competitive ship registry that grows slowly but surely. [Edmund Jacobsen & Bui Tyril] […]

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Marine Harvest: Bringing Up the Best in Fish Farming

Combine internationally leading expertise in aquaculture with focus on local employee empowerment and marine biology — and you have the Faroese version of the world’s largest supplier of farmed Atlantic salmon, Marine Harvest. [Bui Tyril] […]

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