Taking Care of Everyday Tasks

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pp 84-85Alongside catering, garden management and more, cleaning and food service provider PM Pluss has the most diverse workforce in the Faroe Islands to help industry and institutions make sure their environments are safe and fresh.

A few years ago Poul Michelsen Ltd (PM), a Faroese wholesaler with many years of experience, opted to expand its business with emphasis on cleaning and food service in a bid to realize synergies and increase competitiveness. An existing company with a special focus on that particular area of business was acquired and named PM Pluss.

The project turned out a success and today PM Pluss employs over 100 people — likely the most international and culturally diverse workforce in the Faroe Islands, representing about twenty nations. The company serves a wide range of business and institutional clients, from seafood producers and shipping companies to various service providers.

Many canteens around the islands receive supplies and support service from PM Pluss on a daily basis. The company’s close collaboration with PM — which remains a leading importer and distributor of fresh foods — provides access to an infrastructure that is well established and well functioning.

PM Pluss has service contracts with the Faroese salmon industry and most of the onshore whitefish and pelagic industries as well, making sure their seafood manufacturing machinery is kept clean in accordance with the highest international standards.

“We work in three main markets: food service, industrial cleaning, and commercial cleaning,” says managing director Eyðfinn Davidsen. “Our clients have diverse needs and we customize our service contracts to suit their requirements.”

While some clients require work meals for their employees, others just need cleaning of their premises; still others have their canteens supplied and cleaned as well.

“Combinations vary,” Mr. Davidsen says.

‘Endless possibilities’

“The possibilities in our business concept are virtually endless,” he adds. “In a way it’s very modular — as a client you may pick one thing, combine it with another, or opt for a comprehensive solution, whichever best suits your particular situation. That means our job also includes an initial analysis and ongoing assessment of your needs and requirements. In fact the variables are countless because we don’t limit ourselves to cleaning and catering only. There are quite a number of routine tasks that owners and managers would like to outsource and in some cases we take them on. We receive many queries and we’re not afraid to think outside the box — our diverse workforce is an important asset in this respect.”

The PM Pluss services portfolio even encompasses business development in conjuncture with public schools when it comes to food services, for example.

“One of the schools was interested in a pilot project prior to deciding whether to introduce school meals on a permanent basis. The school has no canteen but the pupils are given the option to order sandwiches and other lunch items, and of course we are able to deliver it daily.”

Speaking of education, PM Pluss even operates Faroese language classes, primarily aimed at helping foreigners get up to speed with their communication skills.

“The language courses were initially intended for our own employees but soon people working elsewhere also joined in,” Mr. Davidsen says. “We identified a need that had remained unaddressed for quite a while, and people have come to appreciate it very much, as it makes a huge difference for many — the employees themselves, their families and colleagues and of course the employer. As language barriers are removed the business grows more efficient and effective.”


“The range of situations where our services can be useful has in fact proved much wider than expected.” Mr. Davidsen adds, referring to an incident where PM Pluss was asked to offer special assistance after a fire occurred on board a ship.

“We have people with the relevant language skills and, working with external specialists as well, we are able to help by way of cleaning up and surveying after, for instance, a fire damage on shore or on board a ship.”

Garden management also represents a significant part of PM Pluss business activities.

“Many businesses and institutions have gardens and these need to be tended. We consider garden management a natural extension of our cleaning, catering and support services and it also makes perfect sense working with the PM wholesale business. Obviously the garden can be extremely important for the visual impression of any building and in order to keep it healthy and tidy, it has to be tended on a regular basis.”