Growing by Leaps and Bounds

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pp 58-59 Offering a full-spectrum concept in aquaculture equipment, Vónin expands its business further with new corporate headquarters and production hall in Fuglafjørður and a new hall in Nuuk — after successfully opening in Lithuania.

Amid expansion in several markets, Vónin last year stepped up its Aquaculture division to add own-produced plastic cages to its comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for fish farms. With the rough seas of the Faroe Islands as testing ground, the equipment from Vónin Aquaculture, today installed on every Faroese fish farm, is counted as the most robust and durable in the world.

Alongside plastic cages, Vónin Aquaculture deliver cage nets, moorings, anchors and more, much of it manufactured exclusively for Vónin.

Vónin Aquaculture has seen its export business grow substantially in recent years, in particular in Norway but also in Scotland and elsewhere.

In other developments, as of spring 2015, Vónin is planning to build its new corporate headquarters in Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands. Aside from offices, the 100 meter long building will house a specially fitted net loft for large midwater trawls. In Nuuk, Greenland, meanwhile, a new hall for Qalut Vónin is underway, while in 2014, a new facility was built in Siauliai, Lithuania.