Spellbinding Conference Goers


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Spellbinding Conference Goers p 15The leading, best-equipped cultural and conference center in the Faroe Islands, the Nordic House is host to a growing number of business events—often spiced up with live music and art exhibitions as part of the venue’s special offering.

It may seem unreal that it celebrated its 30th anniversary already in 2012/13, as this house still looks as modern, inspiring and inviting as always. Yet while its appearance has essentially remained unchanged over the years, the Nordic House has indeed become more attractive in the market for events and conferences.

A distinct conference unit was added to the building in 2008, in line with the original design by Norwegian architect Ola Steen. The new conference hall integrates very smoothly with the main building notwithstanding the fact that it’s an additional building; it blends seamlessly in and shares entrance and basically everything with the main building.

This extension has enabled the Nordic House to significantly increase the number of corporate events and conferences, according to project manager Ann Ellingsgaard.

“People really tend to like this house,” Ms. Ellingsgaard said. “My impression is that all segments of the Faroese community are proud of it and like to visit it. Foreign visitors seem to be genuinely impressed.” No wonder. The house remains an architectural marvel while at the same time representing something entirely non-imposing and down-to-earth. It successfully combines optimum functionality with great design, artistic finesse and elegance. All of that may have something to do with the building materials used—glass, rock, wood, and steel—not to forget the architecture itself and the whole concept of Nordic culture behind it.

“I think most people agree the design is timeless,” Ms. Ellingsgaard noted.

Hosting an average of well over 300 events on an annual basis, the Nordic House has become a magnet for organizers of cultural and business events alike, and a must-visit for anyone who sets foot in Tórshavn.

“Conferences, meetings, seminars, corporate events—there are many opportunities to use this house,” Ms. Ellingsgaard added. “Our business clients are both domestic and from other Nordic countries. They like it very much, perhaps because we often have cultural events taking place in one part of the building alongside the conference being held in the conference hall.”

The venue’s advantage goes beyond being technically well equipped to hold conferences.

“We enjoy to organize live music for business events or to make sure an ongoing art exhibition is also accessible for conference goers. Blending cultural and business content is highly popular; besides, it’s part of our remit to promote Nordic art and culture.”