Lithuania Facility for Vónin

Lithuania Facility for Vónin pp 48-49

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Lithuania Facility for Vónin pp 48-49Vónin deepens its commitment to the aquaculture business with a brand new production hall in Lithuania underway — while adding floating frames to offer full spectrum of equipment.

Vónin is setting up a new facility in Lithuania to step up manufacturing of equipment for aquaculture and fishing. According to managing director Hjalmar Petersen, contracts have been signed and work has commenced to build a new 4,000 square meter production hall primarily intended for aquaculture nets and fishing gear for small vessels.

“The idea is to increase productivity and delivery times and thereby become more competitive and thereby also hopefully being able to expand into new markets,” Mr. Petersen said, with a reference to Southern and Eastern Europe.

Part of the netting used in Vónin’s aquaculture and fishing nets has been manufactured in Asia.

“We believe Lithuania has an excellent business environment,” Mr. Petersen added. “The location is advantageous for Vónin also from a logistics point of view, as the transport infrastructure including air links to Scandinavia is very good.”

In other aquaculture news, Vónin has started to manufacture floating frames to make its offering to fish farmers more complete. The company already has a strong position in net cages, mooring systems and accessories.