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//Archive 2014

Gaining Higher Ground

Click here to view PDF… Amid losses on exploration wells in 2013, Atlantic Petroleum added significantly to its reserves and resources and increased its exploration portfolio to its largest ever — as production revenues look poised for new heights. Last year (2013) saw Faroese exploration and production independent Atlantic Petroleum increase its exploration portfolio to [...]

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Fresh Inroads for Salmon, Saithe

Click here to view PDF… Fresh fish specialist Landshandilin grows market share for Atlantic salmon in China, Russia and California — as fillets and loins of MSC certified saithe lure retail chains in Germany to place more orders and take larger volumes. Landshandilin, one of the Faroe Islands’ leading and most experienced seafood traders, is [...]

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Alive and Kicking

The demise of the seafood sector has been greatly exaggerated in the Faroes, where the specter of legislative change continues to spread uncertainty in the fishing industry — while aquaculture grows with leaps and bounds to rival wild fish catch in export value. Changes happen quickly even in the remote and rocky Faroe Islands, and [...]

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Making the Connections

Click here to view PDF... Continuing to build links to sister organisations in neighboring countries, FOÍB, representing oil companies holding licenses in the Faroes, is recognized as a significant player in all matters related to offshore energy. Under the stewardship of Jan Müller as Managing Director since 2011, FOÍB, once barely visible to the public eye, [...]

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Skilled Manpower for Offshore Industry

Click here to view PDF… Having supplied engineers and craftsmen to the oil and gas industry since 1998, PAM Offshore Service is upping its effort to help oilfield services companies build modules and components for Norway’s energy infrastructure. PAM Offshore Service is stepping up its effort to provide Norway’s booming offshore industry with skilled manpower [...]

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More Oil & Gas Related Business

Click here to view PDF… As the Faroese become increasingly involved in the oil and gas industry, more and more repair and maintenance orders from offshore support vessels are booked with the MEST shipyard and engineering company. The two exploration wells to be drilled offshore the Faroe Islands this summer (2014) will doubtlessly amplify a [...]

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DONG Reinforces Commitment to Faroes

Click here to view PDF… A partner in the Sula Stelkur prospect which will be drilled this summer, DONG Energy increases its acreage on the Faroese Continental Shelf to become a major player on both sides of the Faroe-Shetland Basin. Increasing its acreage in the Faroes by two licenses last year (2013), Denmark’s DONG Energy [...]

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Local Players Extend Global Reach

Click here to view PDF… Transformed from a domestic fishing business to an international operator of platform supply vessels with activities off East Africa as well as in the North Sea, Skansi Offshore is attracting talent to build a Faroese merchant shipping sector. With assets worth 1.6 billion dkk (214 million eur) spread over five [...]

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QHSE: Tightening Up Standards

Click here to view PDF… As QHSE standards continue to rise in the offshore oil and gas industry, Atlantic Supply Base pushes the envelope on its own operations while increasing compliance requirements for its subcontractors — disrupting the status quo.. In the period leading to this year’s (2014) exploration activities offshore the Faroe Islands, the [...]

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