Manpower for Oilfield Services

Manpower for Oilfield Services pp 64-65

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Manpower for Oilfield Services pp 64-65Recruitment agency PAM Offshore Service, a division of MEST, has supplied the offshore industry with craftsmen and engineers since 1998.

As part of its long-term business strategy, MEST decided in 1998 to start preparing its employees for the future, with the oil and gas industry expected to become a major factor in the economic life of the Faroe Islands. The resulting business division, PAM Offshore Service, has since been engaged with supplying manpower to oilfield services companies in Norway, where skilled workers are in high demand.

“We work as a recruitment agency specializing in supplying electricians, engineers and craftsmen to the oil and gas industry,” said the office manager of PAM Offshore Service, Anja Jacobsen.

“We normally have between 100 and 200 people away at any given time, which is a high number given the size of our domestic workforce. These people have gained extensive offshore-related experience as electricians, certified welders, pipe fitters, or engineers. Because of their skills and effectiveness, our clients have remained very loyal and appreciative.”

Among PAM Offshore Service clients are some of the leading oilfield services companies, including Aker Solutions, Kværner, Westcon, and Aibel.

“Unlike MEST otherwise, we focus squarely on providing manpower rather than managing projects,” Ms. Jacobsen said.