Faroe Ship: Turning Up Heat


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Faroe Ship: Turning Up Heat p 51With six container vessels engaged in weekly schedules to and from the Faroe Islands, Faroe Ship responds to increased demand from exporters of pelagic fish and farmed salmon by adding services to Poland and Scotland.

Faroe Ship, the leading provider of transport and logistics services in the Faroe Islands, is enhancing its offerings to exporters and importers by adding two more destinations on its container routes to Great Britain and the European continent — Aberdeen, Scotland and Swinoujscie, Poland.

The company announced its new sailing schedule in March this year (2013), noting that six of the group’s 16 container vessels will now be engaged in weekly sailings to and from the Faroe Islands.

The changes in the sailing schedule “aim at widening the system in the North Atlantic by increasing the number of port calls and adding a vessel to the fleet,” Eimskip said.

A key aspect to the upgrade has to do with increasing exports of fresh and frozen fish from the Faroe Islands. Much of the farmed salmon goes by ship to Scotland, then by truck to the London Heathrow Airport from where it is transported by air to North America and Asia. Pelagic fish, meanwhile, is mostly shipped to the European continent and forwarded to Central and Eastern Europe.

Said Faroe Ship CEO Jóhanna á Bergi: “These are upgrades that make us better positioned than ever to handle the growing exports of seafood from the Faroe Islands and cater to the needs of Faroese importers as well.”

Faroe Ship now offers direct transport between the Faroe Islands and Great Britain twice a week; direct transport between the Faroes, the Netherlands and Poland, with possibility to forward goods via Rotterdam to destinations in e.g. Africa, the Mid East and the Far East; and increased options for importing goods direct form Scotland and Poland.

Eimskip container routes thus link the Faroes to Iceland, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. As part of Eimskip, Faroe Ship also offers sea cargo connections to the United States and as the company has long worked with Maersk, its services have a global reach.

Originally founded in 1919, Faroe Ship has played a leading part in the development of commerce and industry in the Faroes. The company opened the first regular overseas connection to and from the country and today offers a comprehensive range of transport and logistics services.Besides international sea cargo and domestic transport by road, the company offers courier service around the world through its subsidiary Faroe Express, along with warehousing and cold storage, as well as port agency services.

“Local or global, we will get it to or from there,” said Ms. á Bergi. “We’ve got the network, vessels, trucks, warehouses and cold stores — and a team of highly skilled and competent people who are passionate about serving our clients.”