Trade: Looking for New Deals

According to the House of Industry, Faroese exporters hope for a refined and extended free trade agreement with the European Union as the nature of Faroese exports has changed significantly in result of growth in pelagic fisheries. […]

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Hotel Hafnia: The True Taste of Tórshavn

Perfectly located in the heart of Tórshavn, Hotel Hafnia — the Faroe Islands’ most historical, best located hotel — gets a facelift as it gears up for more business, with revamped reception hall, new conference facilities and new rooms. […]

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As Tórshavn Grows It Goes Green

The Faroese capital Tórshavn — in fact more than a millennium old — celebrates its 150-year anniversary as a Municipality amid healthy population growth while going green as it continues to attract tourism and international business. […]

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Half a Century of Faroese Tourism Business

62N, one of the most experienced participants in the Faroese tourism industry, is active on the outgoing side as a travel agency — as well as on the incoming side as a growing tour operator and ground handler plus a leading car rental agency. […]

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A Trusted Partner in Public Transport

The SSL bus and ferry network provides the backbone to the public transport service of the Faroe Islands, taking no less than an annual 1.2 million passengers around the islands primarily on work-related trips but increasingly for tourism. […]

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World’s Top Spot for Mobile Broadband

In liaison with Chinese ICT giant Huawei, Faroese Telecom rolls out the latest 4G LTE technology to cover every inch of the Faroe Islands, staking claim on world leadership in mobile connectivity with average speeds rapidly approaching 100 Mbps. […]

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Increasing Travel, the Faroese Way

After the completion of its major refurbishment — including an extended runway, a new passenger terminal, and significant safety and technology upgrades — additional development is set to make Vagar Airport even more attractive. […]

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Revamping Foreign Affairs

Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Faroese government seeks to galvanize its international efforts, including the pursuit of unrestricted access to overseas markets and independent membership of international organizations. […]

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The Nashville Connection

The emerging Faroese country music scene is a fairly new phenomenon; but then when Faroese country artists started to collaborate with producers and session musicians in Nashville, Tennessee, things took off to a new level. […]

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Finding Warmth in the Chill

Climate isn’t necessarily the deciding factor when it comes to warmth among people — and you may well receive more than the proverbial necklace of flowers on your visit to the Faroe Islands, as more and more people discover. […]

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