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//Archive 2015

Vessel Owners: Beyond Perception

The Faroe Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association is engaging policymakers in an outreach effort prior to an expected fisheries reform, meanwhile further reinforcing its organization with Anfinn Olsen as new chairman of the board. The umbrella organization of the Faroe Islands’ commercial fishing vessels — the Faroe Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association (Føroya Reiðarafelag) — looks poised to reclaim its role as an active participant in, and a significant contributor to, top-level consultations on fisheries policy. The association, until recently undergoing a prolonged period of limited activity, took steps to revitalize itself by hiring Herálvur Joensen for managing director in 2013. […]

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Emerging Ship Registry Offers New Opportunities

The emerging merchant shipping industry and related services could represent a potential new economic driving force for the Faroe Islands with the FAS ship registry playing a leading part, according to the Faroese Maritime Authority. Although Faroese exports still largely consist of fishery and aquaculture products, merchant shipping is expected to grow significantly in the years ahead. About one-tenth of the entire Faroese workforce are marine engineers and navigators while, for example, a significant percentage of the ship’s officers in the Danish merchant fleet are Faroese, with thousands of Faroese working on fishing vessels, offshore support vessels, tankers and freighters around the world. […]

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Looking for Certainty in the Land of Maybe

An American tour guide learns the lesson of ‘maybe’ and its prominent place in the culture and everyday life of the Faroese — and as the ‘maybe’ starts to make sense, things suddenly become more fun and more relaxing as well. I’m standing with five other people in a hotel lobby in the heart of Tórshavn. The other people are part of a tour group I’d assembled as part of a podcast I do about the Faroe Islands. The members of the group are from the United States and Canada and they’ve never been to the Faroes before. […]

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Big Business? Think Again

In public debates on fishing there appears to be a gap between ‘economics’ and economics — some look for corporate profits and tax revenues alone while others seek to include a consideration of socioeconomic benefits in a broader sense. Sometimes I forget just how long I’ve been doing this and in all the years involved in fishing in one way or another, first at the sharp end and later as a journalist, there’s often a sneaking feeling I get that tells me I understand less of how fishing works than on that day I was shown how to sharpen a knife and told to get on with it. […]

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Budding Entrepreneurs

Click here to view PDF… Daring to dream big amid concerns of brain drain, today’s Faroese creatives see potential in their cultural heritage — a consideration of the creative economy of the Faroes through the prism of Faroese film. In the public eye of Faroese society, this electoral year of 2015, there is no shortage of political issues up for debate. The economic policy discussions are certainly among those. Of particular interest to myself is focusing in on the creative sector of the economy. When it comes to the interplay between industry and public funding in the Faroe Islands, the past two decades have brought about hefty dialogue about its merit. And today, there is a cultural climate change attached to the creative currents of the Faroes. An area of considerable importance to the future economic landscape is namely the rise of the creative as entrepreneur. […]

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Klaksvík Yard on Growth Trajectory

Click here to view PDF… Backed by dealerships in marine equipment such as Ibercisa and Caterpillar and with a renewed focus on service, Klaksvík’s repair yard KSS is experiencing rapid growth under the management of co-owner Frimodt Rasmussen. Repair yard KSS is quietly reasserting itself as a force to be reckoned with in the maritime services sector. With changed ownership and a young and energetic new management team, Klaksvík’s 87-year old landmark has recently become the scene of increasing business activities, not least manifest in that its number of employees has tripled over the last four years. […]

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MEST Sharpens Focus on Offshore Energy Sector

Click here to view PDF… The MEST shipyard and engineering group is staking its claim in repairs and maintenance of oil and gas-related assets, complementing business for the fishing industry with work on offshore support vessels, oil tankers and oil rigs. Last year (2014) brought significant developments for MEST, the Faroese shipyard and engineering group. Regardless of the company’s many decades of experience in shipbuilding and repairs, the year produced critical client references that will likely prove useful for what has been identified as the company’s new market focus: the offshore energy industry in the Northeast Atlantic. […]

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Taking Care of Everyday Tasks

Click here to view PDF… Alongside catering, garden management and more, cleaning and food service provider PM Pluss has the most diverse workforce in the Faroe Islands to help industry and institutions make sure their environments are safe and fresh. A few years ago Poul Michelsen Ltd (PM), a Faroese wholesaler with many years of experience, opted to expand its business with emphasis on cleaning and food service in a bid to realize synergies and increase competitiveness. An existing company with a special focus on that particular area of business was acquired and named PM Pluss. […]

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Opening Doors for More Ship’s Officers

Click here to view PDF… Adjustments are underway for the Faroese nautical school to streamline the existing ship’s officer trainee system and reduce seafaring experience requirements, meanwhile adding more oil and gas related courses. Limited access for young people seeking a career as navigation deck officer has long been a subject of concern in the seafaring nation of the Faroe Islands, as well as in many other countries for that matter. Whereas often the problem is finding a shipping company that is able and willing to cooperate in the process of building seafaring experience for young cadets, in the Faroe Islands people have so far generally had little problem persuading skippers to take them on board. Problem is, the old Faroese trainee system for navigators is fast getting out of step with today’s need for time efficiency — it requires an excessive 36 months of seafaring experience to be combined with nautical school to complete the training. […]

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Upping Cold Storage Capacity

Click here to view PDF… With the Faroe Islands strategically located to provide services for international vessels — and the country’s total cold storage capacity soon to exceed that of Iceland — cold store Bergfrost looks to scale up its capacity to 25,000 tonnes. In a tunnel complex situated right at Fuglafjørður’s fishing harbor, the Faroe Islands’ largest cold store is packed to the roof with frozen produce. There is a fair amount of turnover with goods going in and out of the facility on a daily basis; however for the time being, the space squeeze seems all but permanent. […]

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