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Faroe Business Report—the International Review of Faroe Islands Industry and Trade—is recognized as a leading information source in its field, offering a quick yet comprehensive overview of the Faroes as an exporting country and a place for foreign investment. With the purpose of educating overseas clients, business and diplomatic contacts, and news media about the Faroe Islands, the Report has proved invaluable to readers, and indispensable for co-sponsors and advertisers for its well presented, easily digested information.

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Welcome to the 2016 Edition of the Faroe Business Report

Faroe Business Report 2016

Welcome to the 11th volume of the Faroe Business Report, the 2016 edition of the international review of Faroe Islands industry and trade. The tiny island nation in the North Atlantic continues to impress in several departments, with foreign trade reaching new record levels on the exports side, while at the same time incoming tourism is picking up amid reinforced efforts to promote the country internationally as a destination to visit. Read more…

Twofold Extension for Tórshavn’s East Harbour

The Port of Tórshavn prepares for a major development project in response to rapidly increasing ship traffic — extending the East Harbour twofold by 95,000 square meters for new storage areas and added dock space. […]

Taking Blue Whiting Up the Value Chain

Varðin makes another major announcement with the introduction of a new facility for mince and surimi from blue whiting, adding significant value to a species that has largely remained under-utilized in the Faroe Islands. […]

Framherji Places New Bets on Hook and Line Fishing

Maximum utilization of catch, transnational cooperation for business development, raised capacity in trawling and longlining — Framherji’s engagement in the industry continues as legislative reform gets underway. […]

Tvøroyri: Rapid Development Continues

Prospects for the local business scene look promising at the Port of Tvøroyri as new investments in the expanding fishing industry match harbor infrastructure development — with cruise tourism meanwhile slowly entering the picture, too. […]